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Downton Abbey startar ikväll och om man, som jag, älskar böcker och TV-serier som utspelar sig med en engelsk herrgård i centrum så måste jag ju bara slå på TV n. Ett tips som jag fick av Ugglan & boken var att kombinera mitt tittande med en Oxford Experience.  Jag absolut dreglar över programmet och bara tanken på att bo på Christ Church och diskutera litteratur en hel vecka gör mig knäsvag. Kursen Country House Novels erbjuder:

Judging by the popularity of recent TV shows, the country house is as popular as ever. But well before Downton Abbey, there was a long line of English novels that used country house settings to examine the state of the nation, comment on social and political change, and sometimes comment on literary tradition itself. This course will introduce you to some of this key fiction, including works by Jane Austen, Evelyn Waugh and L.P. Hartley. As well as reading the novels, we will consider some film adaptations, and ponder why the country house novel still holds such appeal in the 21st Century.

Programme details

Seminars meet each weekday morning, 09.15-10.45 and 11.15-12.45, with afternoons free for course-related field trips, individual study or exploring the many beautiful places in and around the city.

Recommended reading

Austen, J. 1813. Mansfield Park. Oxford World’s Classics.
Hartley, L.P. 1953. The Go Between. Penguin.
Waugh, E. 1941. Brideshead Revisited. Penguin.

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